The most wonderful, mouth-watering BBQ you'll ever taste!

Location & New Hours

1001 S. Main Street
Englewood, OH 45322 

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Open 6 Days a Week at 11 AM
Open Sunday at Noon


Monday to Saturday
Last seating at 10 pm

Last seating at 8 pm


Drive Through Hours

Monday to Saturday 11am to 10pm

Sunday Noon to 8pm


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Brew Crew & Happy Hour

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Mon. - Fri. 2pm to 6pm
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What are the benefits of enrolling in the free - COMPANY 7 BREW CREW?
For Company 7 Brew Crew members ONLY - We will tap a special craft beer from 4PM to 10PM every Monday (as with all special craft tapings, unfortunately when it is gone, it is gone). Brew CREW members will help select future tap items by completing comment cards during Monday tappings (maximum of one comment card per Monday event) and turning it in to the Pitboss. In fairness, comment cards can only be completed if you have purchased and tried the brew being tapped. Our aim will be to have the most sought after and highest quality brew products available for Monday tap night. We will work with international brewers, national brewers and especially with those local micro-brewers that develop quality products and are licensed to sell off their own premises.  
For Company 7 Brew Crew members ONLY – A FREE Company 7 growler (alas an empty growler, but you can fix that) will be provided when you pick up your laminated membership card at Company 7. Some of the Monday night tappings will be so special, we encourage Company 7 Brew Crew members to always bring their growler to the tapings. We are sure that many times, you will want to take some of these exceptional and hard-to-get brews home with you.  
For Company 7 Brew Crew members ONLY – Approximately every month educational meetings from beer and brewing experts, some free tastings as well.  

For Company 7 Brew Crew members ONLY - Any day of the week from 11am until 1 hour before closing, Company 7 Brew Crew members with ID cards will receive substantially discounted pricing on our Company 7 recipe brews: Company 7 AleCompany 7 Hydrant Hefeweizen, and Company 7 Fire Engine Red Irish Ale:

  • Pint Glasses $ 3.79
  • ½ Pitcher $ 5.99
  • Pitcher $ 11.95
  • Growler $ 13.55

For Company 7 Brew Crew members ONLY – There will also be other special draft pricing offers for Company 7 Brew Crew members as available and advertised.

For Company 7 Brew Crew members ONLY – Free text updates (data rates may apply) will be provided with the details on the week's tapping beer, and other special Company 7 events.  
For Company 7 Brew Crew members ONLY – After 25 comment cards, a FREE Company 7 single person appetizer (5 Wings or any other single appetizer on our menu).  
For Company 7 Brew Crew members ONLY – After 50 comment cards, a FREE "Company 7 Brew Crew" T-shirt.  
  How many times, do you find an offer with no cost and many benefits? Visit the restaurant soon to sign up on the kiosk or SIGN UP RIGHT HERE.