BBQ Tasting With The Pitboss

Company 7 BBQ Mexican Street Corn

Company 7 recipes have always been taste tested around the family home BBQ smoker. Our Patrick is experimenting with a potential tenderloin special (WOW, was it good). The tastings were so much fun, that we want to invite all of you to join the fun. 

This Friday & Saturday after 6pm, our Pitbosses will be previewing new recipe ideas & hanging around the smoker talking BBQ with the best customers in the world......OURS! The new recipe ideas "Pitboss Tasting" will pair nicely with the Beer paddle taste sampler also on Fridays & Saturdays.

Just as the Craft Beer taste items change our "Pitboss Tasting Specials" will change. Friday, March 2nd & Saturday, March 3rd join us after 6pm for our Company 7 BBQ Mexican Street Corn. Company 7 BBQ - Mexican Street Corn is an Appetizer serving of 4 pieces of corn with a special spread on the side. In Mexico, street vendors sell corn on the cob from carts like vendors in the U.S. sell hot dogs. The corn is served with a creamy mixture of mayonnaise mixed with chili powder, cilantro, cumin and garlic with a crumbly Mexican queso fresco cheese, all on the side. Especially popular with Texas BBQ, it makes a great snack while tending to the pits. Spread the mayo mixture on the corn and then roll the cob of corn to cover with the cheese.

Check out our Menu Gallery to see our wide selection of Entrées, Sides and Desserts to choose from to complimant your evening.

We will go as long as we have a crowd or until the special items run out. If weather is bad, we can cook outside and eat inside. If we identify crowd favorites you may well see the recipes on the regular menu.