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Company 7 BBQ

1001 S. Main St.
Englewood, OH 45322


Mon-Sat: 11am-10pm
Sun: Noon-8pm

Nationally Award Winning Authentic BBQ

The most wonderful, mouth-watering BBQ you'll ever taste!


Get Sauced

Buy $30 or More Gift Card And Get "Sauced" 

See the details in our article on how to receive your free bottle of sauce or rub.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc. is coming, and we have a gift for you. BUY A $30 OR MORE GIFT CARD AND GET SAUCED! Our gift to you, a FREE BOTTLE of Company 7 AWARD WINNING Sauce with a $30 or more gift certificate (that is about a 23% discount on a $30 gift certificate). This offer is valid from November 1st 2017 until December 31st 2017.

It's Easy To Order:

  1. Pull up to our drive though window, we will hand you the gift card and the sauce of your choice (see below for sauce choices).
  2. Order at your table when you are dining in, your waiter/waitress will bring you the card and sauce.
  3. Or call us, at 937-836-2777, hit zero when the recorded answering message begins. This will bring you to a Pitboss, who will get your order info and send you the gift cards and sauces you request (small shipping charges will apply in this case and you will need to have a credit card ready when you call in).

Company 7 BBQ Sauce - Chief SmokyKeep the sauce for yourself, or include it with the gift card for more impact. And of course, if you have a Company 7 BBQ Loyalty Card you earn loyalty points with each purchase to get discounts on your meals! See the details on our Loyalty Rewareds Program here

Your Choice:

  • The Rookie ­ A Mild but Flavorful BBQ Sauce
  • Firefighter Sweet ­a Sweet Memphis Style BBQ Sauce
  • Lieutenant Tangy ­a Thick Kansas City Sauce w/ a Tangy Kick
  • Captain Carolina ­a Vinegar & Mustard Based Carolina Sauce
  • Chief Smoky ­a Full Smoky Flavored BBQ Sauce
  • Commissioner Burns ­a Texas Style Hot BBQ Sauce