Company 7 BBQ's Story

Company 7 FirefightersCompany 7 BBQ was founded by a family of firefighters after considerable research and investigation. We are convinced that customers will prefer excellent, slow cooked barbecue in a friendly, upscale atmosphere. Décor evokes the feel of a 1920's fire house - warm woods and a lot of brass. The facility is decorated with fire awards and memorabilia that the owners have collected over the past 25 years.

First Responders Discount

  • Fire service
  • Police service
  • EMS members
  • Members of the USA armed forces

*First Responders (Firefighters, Police Officers, military personnel, etc.) always receive a discount. We are glad that the first response community has made Company 7 BBQ a popular destination for their functions. Certainly, our facility is available to host (at no facility cost) any fire service planning, operational or memorial support.

Why a Company 7 "Firehouse" Concept?
A Firehouse is a very special place. A Firehouse is a second home where good people support each other as they face difficult situations every day. There is intense camaraderie, much laughter and of course, great food. It is that vision that guides Company 7 BBQ and will distinguish it from other restaurants. We will have a full service bar operation, but a good family atmosphere.

A FirehouseWhy Slow-Cooked Smoked BBQ?
Even bad barbecue is good, but slow-cooked BBQ is heaven. We will be cooking 12 to 18 hours before we serve. The slow, low cooking infuses tenderness and the most tantalizing of infused flavors.

Having worked with essentially all the major metro fire departments in the US, we have been exposed to the best in regional styles of food preparation. Each region has its own strengths and adherents. While most BBQ restaurants pick one BBQ style and offer a mild and hot variety of that sauce, we offer sauces from all the major BBQ regions in the country;

Our BBQ Epuipment
Company 7 BBQ has the advantage of two state-of-the-art slow cookers, each of which can cook 1,000 pounds of meat at a time. This is a huge investment, competitively unmatched, but these computer-controlled monster slow rotate meat for up to 18 hours through carefully controlled, rotating, cook cycles that seal in moisture while infusing the wondrous delicate flavors of authentic BBQ. While it is a large investment, it is the only way to deliver routinely SUPERB BBQ.

All 6 of our sauces and rub are Available for Purchase
1st Alarm 2nd Alarm 3rd Alarm
Company 7 BBQ Sauce - The Rookie Company 7 BBQ Sauce - Firefighter Sweet Company 7 BBQ Sauce - Lieutenant Tangy
"The Rookie"       "Firefighter Sweet" "Lieutenant Tangy"
4th Alarm 5th Alarm 6th Alarm
Company 7 BBQ Sauce - Captain Carolina Company 7 BBQ Sauce - Chief Smoky Company 7 BBQ Sauce - Commissioner Burns
"Captain Carolina" “Chief Smoky”  "Commiss. Burns”
Note: There are also " behind the counter offerings" such as '"Diabetic Paramedic" (exceptionally low calories per teaspoon) and "Hazmat Spill" (available only to adults who recognize the heat involved). Company 7 BBQ customers can sample the best of each region and pick their own favorites!  
  * As first responders ourselves, we understand the tremendous impact and sacrifice required. Any first responder with picture ID get a 10% discount on a single entrée or sandwich or slider price. This discount is stand alone and cannot be combined with other discounts such as "lunch special" or "senior discounts".