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Company 7 BBQ

1001 S. Main St.
Englewood, OH 45322


Mon-Sat: 11am-10pm
Sun: Noon-8pm

Nationally Award Winning Authentic BBQ

The most wonderful, mouth-watering BBQ you'll ever taste!


Why is Co7 the Place to Go

Authentic Slow Cooked BBQ!!Here are a few good reasons...
  • The supportive, friendly atmosphere of a firehouse
  • The incredible, slow cooked, state of the art cooking processes discussed in our home page, that prove the most delicious BBQ imaginable
  • Lunch specials
  • Kids and Seniors menu
  • Entrees, sandwiches or slider options
  • Our fire service secret recipes
  • Unbelievable side dishes that are a meal in themselves: macaroni and cheese, sweet potato soufflé, mashed potatoes from scratch
  • Incredible desserts such as triple chocolate cake, carrot cake and seasonal pies
  • Large concrete pad reserved for motorcycle parking
For those in your family who THINK they won’t enjoy even a great BBQ place...
  • For the vegetarians, we offer incredible side dishes such as home made macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes from scratch, or sweet potato Casserole
  • For the dieters, we offer the no meat options such as entrée salads, low-fat turkey and chicken options
  • For the few people in the world that do not like BBQ, we offer all the side dishes plus all the super-tender meats are available “naked” without any sauce

Ribs in our state of the art smoker!